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Child and Family Investigator

A child and family investigator is appointed by the courts  when  parents cannot decide on issues related to their children, and need help with determining what will be best.  These issues most often include parenting time and decision making, but can also include a desire to relocate or other important factors that would impact the children and their relationship with each parent.  

The court appoints a CFI to investigate and make recommendations which reflect the best interests of the child(ren).  The CFI acts as a representative of the court, and therefore does not side with either parent, but maintains a focus on the child(ren).The CFI must provide a written report to court with these recommendations.  

The process that I use for my investigations includes:

  • Thorough questionnaires completed by both parents

  • Meeting with both parents separately(and other adults in the home)

  • Meeting with each child in the family

  • Meeting with parents and children together

  • Consulting with extended family and friends

  • Consulting with teachers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals

  • Reviewing any relevant paperwork, past court orders, etc.

  • Criminal background check of all relevant parties




My current rates for CFI services are $170 per hour billed against a $3250 retainer. 


I am available to take state paid cases when the court has determined that one or both parties meets criteria for indigent status.

It is my goal when doing an investigation to support the family through this period of difficulty by providing as much information about the process as I can, answering questions in a detailed and thoughtful manner, and by maintaining focus on the best interests of the child(ren). 

Feel free to contact me for additional information.

1369 Forest Park Circle, Suite 203, Lafayette, CO  80026            303-717-7630 

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