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​Feeling that there is a good match between you and your therapist is critical to the effectiveness of the process.  I offer respect and non-judgment, but also direct, supportive guidance in working toward change.

I want to help you feel better TODAY so you can begin feeling greater satisfaction and control of your life.  I believe that change happens when faulty patterns of thinking and action are identified and targeted.  Knowing the steps to take ignites that change.  I am directive with ideas so that you leave your appointments with specific tasks and skills to promote the change you desire.  I believe strongly in modeling healthy boundaries and helping clients to strengthen their own. 

For children, play and creative expression offer a vehicle for change and growth.  Kids benefit from non-verbal forms of expression and the opportunity to work through difficulties utilizing metaphor and projection in play themes.  Children feel optimal comfort, competence, and confidence through child-focused therapies.

As an advocate for families for over 20 years, I have supported all members of the family in increasing connection, communication, and satisfaction.  Supporting families through difficult life transitions and challenges strengthens resilience and healthy coping.  

My Philosophy and Approach

1369 Forest Park Circle
Suite 203
Lafayette, CO  80026


fax: 855-475-4096

Office Location:

1369 Forest Park Circle, Suite 203, Lafayette, CO  80026            303-717-7630 

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